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FREE and risk-free to start. All your essential tools provided. No hidden fees.

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List for FREE and Cudy provides the digital tools and learning management system for you.

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service fee

Cudy earns only when you have earned! We do not collect a fee until we guarantee you paying students!

  • UNLIMITED FREE listings
  • FREE teaching and management tools
  • NO hidden fees

How Do I Get Paid?

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Common Questions

The service fee is charged only when the student has made a successful payment for your class. Once you have delivered all the lessons for the class, you may request for a payout, which will be the amount the student has paid after deduction of service fee and taxes.

There are no additional fees for transacting classes on Cudy.

We aim to provide the best services for our tutors and to develop the best tools and services for convenience and performance. With the aim to help tutors manage their business, we need a quality team behind the service. Our service fees cover the cost of providing you the quality service that you deserve and ensures that we can continue doing so in the future.

All tutors will receive the latest learning tools – for FREE. Tools such as:

  • a personalised learning management system
  • payment invoicing
  • broadcasting
  • analytics
  • grading
  • file sharing
  • digital whiteboards
  • private virtual classrooms
  • and many more!

You can post as many listings as you want. We offer tutors the flexibility to have fixed curriculum classes with lesson plans or consultation classes, or both. You can fix your schedule and have students make bookings, or let students know when are your available schedule for them to book.

Yes, you heard it right. You may list as many listings as you can teach. Take it full-time if you want.

1, 2, 3, 4… 50? It’s up to you and we let you choose if you would like to teach a single student in your class, or a group of students. This allows you to have the flexibility and opportunity to teach in groups to maximise your earning potential.

Unlimited Listings.
For Free

Satisfaction Gurantee

We create a safe environment for the exchange of services.

We protect our tutors through the security and safety systems on our platform. Our payment system ensures that payments are properly managed and a proper invoice is created. There will never be a chance of students not paying for your lesson or scheduling a make-up class again.