Yes, we have tuition centres on Cudy too!

Cudy has been partnering with tuition centres across Singapore to bring their classes online on Cudy to offer students more classes to choose from. Was there always a tutor’s class you wanted to attend and could not get a seat? Let us know which centre it is and WE WILL SECURE YOU A SEAT ON CUDY.

Give us a call at +65 3159 3678 or email us at [email protected].

Are you a tuition centre? We want you as a partner. ITS FREE!

Cudy offers special services catering to the needs of education centres such as tuition centres and skills-based or workshop providers. We have packages for you to choose from according to your needs. We offer a trial package with no obligation.

Cudy knows what most education centres need

  • Leads generation
  • Digitalisation
  • Learning Management System
  • Online Teaching System
  • Student Management System
  • Tutor Management System
  • Consistent Cash Flow
  • Accounting
  • Payment and Invoicing
  • Data Analytics
  • Reliable and reputable vendors
  • All-in-one service provider for digital strategy

Who are our products for

Our products and services are suitable for both small and medium sized education centres and franchised education centres.

No obligation package

We are confident you will love what we have for your business. Not only you get to try, but you get it for free! Contact our team at +65 3159 3678 or send us an email (button below) for more information.

Why our partnering education centres love us

Business growth 90%
Value added to existing services 100%
Customer Service 95%
Convenience 84%
Easy on-boarding and integration 87%
Well designed products and services 80%