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4 Ways Cudy Is Better Than Tuition Centres

If you’ve heard of Cudy (“kew-dee”), you’d definitely know that it’s an online tuition-matching platform. If you didn’t, well, Cudy serves as a marketplace for students to match with their choice of teacher and learn from them online in real time (think, Carousell for online tuition).   Unlike your traditional take Read more…

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Solving Tuition’s Financial Strain

A Growing Problem Considering how most parents place emphasis on tuition to guarantee top-notch results for their child, they’ll not be unfamiliar with the extra financial baggage it brings. According to Channel News Asia (2018), 73% of parents admit to the financial strains that come packaged with tuition. It comes Read more…

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Mission to Increase the Access to Education

Social Enterprise for Education A social enterprise for education. Cudy aims to help students from all social stratums starting with Singapore. Cudy is officially a Provisional Social Enterprise member partner of RaISE (The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise). raiSE was set up to raise awareness on social entrepreneurship and raise support for Read more…

The Hidden Costs of Education Cudy

The Hidden Cost of Raising Children

The Hidden Cost of Raising Children – The Basics The Asian Parent magazine reported that the estimated cost of raising children in Singapore amounts to approximately SGD340,000, which translates into around SGD44 per day (till 21 years old). Expenses such as clothes, food and medical care are included when parents Read more…

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The classrooms of the Information Age

The Dawn of Augmented Reality Still remember Pokemon Go? It captivated and united players in an immersive augmented world of Pokemons in your favourite locations. Augmented Reality (“AR”) has been widely used in entertainment to create experiences through our daily consumer mobile devices. The technology mixed with the right use Read more…

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The future of Singapore’s education system

Singapore v.s. Switzerland What does the Singapore education system and the Swiss education system have in common? As governments recognise the gap between the education system that was designed for the Industrial Age and the labour-market of the Information Age where technology is disrupting every industry, find out how Singapore Read more…