"A cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind". If your child has a messy desk, you’re probably used to seeing them scrambling through papers or constantly leaving their seat to find things – perhaps more than you see them actually studying!

Indeed, research by the National Association of Professional Organizations found that paper clutter is the number 1 contributor to decreased productivity. The average person wastes 4.3 hours a week just searching for papers, and this results in frustration and stress. Constantly having to search for documents also distracts students from concentrating on the actual content that they need to study. Ultimately, this results in spending less time actually studying, as well as reduced concentration and productivity.

As a result, many students and teachers now recommend turning to integrated online offline methods of notes and assignments. Some of the benefits of storing documents online are:

1. It’s easier to find notes and assignments when they are stored online. By simply using the ‘search’ function on their laptops, students can quickly find the information they’re searching for. Filing documents is also more seamless and convenient when they can be organized into folders online.

2. Integrated online and offline organization can reduce clutter. Save space by throwing away or recycling past worksheets and assignments without worrying about needing them again in future – as they’re all uploaded online!

3. It’s easier to edit notes when they’re online. Often, students waste a lot of time amending handwritten notes by having to write them out all over again. By uploading these handwritten notes online, they can simply add comments easily, thus saving space and precious study time!

4. Never lose notes and assignments. When physical documents are integrated into an online system, students no longer need to worry about losing their worksheets or getting them damaged.

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