How live-streaming tuition can help your child learn

Singapore is in the midst of the digital transformation – from online shopping, banking, watching the latest movies, and paying for taxis. Technology has made our lives easier by allowing us to get things done quickly and easily, all with the touch of a button.

The team at Cudy is made up of young undergraduates who are all-too familiar with the struggles that students in Singapore face. With our live-streaming technology, it’s now possible to attend classes online! Here’s how online learning benefits your child:

Convenient With just a laptop and internet connection, your child can tune in to classes anywhere and anytime. This reduces a lot of stress for students in fast-paced Singapore, who have to juggle between school, CCA, and outside commitments. Live-streaming tuition also ensures that students do not overexert themselves. For example, if your child is sick, he/she no longer needs to miss out on a lesson or risk falling sicker by going for class, as lessons can be attended in the comfort of your home!

Affordable Traditionally, private one-to-one or small group tuition classes are more expensive than bigger group classes. Parents often struggle with deciding between more personalized attention for their child or having more finances for the family. With live-streaming tuition, class prices are greatly reduced as physical classrooms - and their operating costs – are no longer necessary. By learning online, your child can now enjoy personalised lessons from high-quality tutors at affordable prices.

Time-Saving By attending live-streaming tuition, your child no longer needs to waste time travelling to and from tuition classes. Now that distance is no longer an issue, your child can also take classes from star tutors who stay far away– without having to travel all over Singapore.

Engaging, interactive, and high quality learning A common concern about online learning is whether it is as engaging and interactive as traditional tuition. After all, it can be difficult trusting your child to learn on the same platform where they play computer games! With live-streaming tuition, however, classes take place in real-time, with students receiving constant attention from their tutor. As such, tutors and students can interact constantly, just like in real life. Students can ask questions on the spot, while tutors can monitor their students’ progress throughout the lesson. Live-streaming tuition also allows students to review previous classes anytime.

Find the best tutors quickly With everything done online, it’s easy to match with the best tutors that suit your child’s unique learning needs. Simply browse tutors and classes, fit classes into your schedule, and attend lessons – all with the click of a button. Without needing to make time and effort to physically attend classes, it’s much easier and faster to screen for the perfect tutor. All Cudy tutors must also undergo a ѕtrісt оnlіnе tutоr rесruіtmеnt screening before joining our database.

Manage assignments, payments, and schedules all in one place Cudy’s personalized dashboard allows students to scan and upload assignments, and get them marked online. You can also review your child’s tuition payments and schedule all within the same system.

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