From a young age, we long to be called ‘smart’. But what exactly does being ‘smart’ mean? Surely, we aren’t asking people to be ‘smart’ the way a ‘smartphone’ is – I mean, I’m pretty sure I’m smarter than my phone. So, what does it mean to be smart, really?

Our exam-focused culture can lead us to believe that it’s most important to prove that we’re ‘smart’, as this makes us seem more deserving of rewards. It’s also convenient to think that others are just naturally smarter, as this allows us to excuse ourselves from putting in hard work because we think we can’t reach the same levels as them. This ultimately hurts us, however, as we place others on a pedestal and don’t begin to explore our potential to be smart people in our own right. Also, by saying that other’s achievements are due entirely to them being born ‘smart’, we may unfairly downplay other factors such as their hard work, positive attitude, and guidance from good tutors.

So, here’s the good news: You’re smart too!

Being smart is actually something we can take action to become, rather than something lucky people are born with. While someone may find it easier to learn a certain subject, or play a certain sport, they can only be truly good at it if they put in hours of practice and hard work. It also means that even if you think you suck at something, you can improve to become okay at it, and with lots of time and practice, can even become good! It may be a difficult process, but with the right attitude and a mindset for learning, anyone can be smart.

It also means understanding when not to take certain actions, no matter how tempting these actions may be. This requires wisdom and emotional maturity as we understand the consequences of our actions. For example, it may be smart to not punch that guy who’s taunting you, and not blow all your money on the newest iPhone. Even though this kind of ‘smart’ may be about figuring out what not to do, it is still important in leading a successful life.

When it comes to studies, tuition helps us become smarter by helping us acknowledge our weak points and accept that it’s actually possible to improve at something we don’t think we’re good at! Through personalized attention from experienced educators, students can act to challenge their doubts and become smarter.

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