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Cudy (“kew-dee”) is your online marketplace for real-time online classes by connecting students and teachers in a virtual classroom.

We guarantee convenient access to the best tutors by bringing your classes online.

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Connection and hosting of lessons are all done through your web browser on Cudy.

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Cudy (“kew-dee”) is a combination of the words “collaborative” and “study”. We aim to provide a hassle-free platform to connect students and teachers, providing them a conducive online classroom to have classes together.

Students can achieve mastery over their subjects by learning in real-time online through live-streaming from passionate educators who are committed to providing the best learning experience for their students. 

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Founded in 2017 in Singapore, Cudy was started by two university students, Alexander Lim and Sean Lam.

In his junior college days, Alexander faced certain difficulties searching and connecting with a suitable tutor. He spent 5 hours travelling to and fro multiple tuition centres every weekend resulting in less time for personal commitments and revision.

Ultimately, the problems he faced led to the birth of Cudy – a platform that matches students with teachers, along with facilitating lessons in virtual classrooms for remote learning.

“The platform is fast, simple and easy to use. Every tutor and student should definitely give it a try!”

Crystal Wong

“Great way to scale my tuition business. One location, multiple students, real-time feedback!”

Nigel Fernandez (Tutor)

What our Users Say

“With this, I can receive tuition whenever I have an internet connection and my laptop”

Yong Chen Low

“Saves travelling time and money needed to go to my tutee’s place! Highly recommended! :)”

Jilliene Kee (Tutor)

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