Conventional tutoring has been followed since decades and still, there are many institutes which prioritize the conventional method of teaching. It is difficult for some teachers to adopt new methods of teaching and they require proper training to do so.

Students suffer from loneliness:

Before taking up enrollment for online classes, keep in mind that you will become a loner and you will have very less time to socialize. It is just like a freelancer who runs home-based businesses and gets out very less often.

Better collaboration with colleagues:

Humans are creatures who learn from their environment and evolve themselves for a better future. Being an online learner, you will not have people to learn from or any such environment. Your whole world would get confined to four walls and you will not be enjoying the learning atmosphere as in the conventional learning environment. Conventional Tutoring provides you more opportunities to learn from fellow colleagues, study in groups and brainstorm ideas together. You face competition in conventional methods of learning and thus come to know about your own weaknesses.


It will be difficult for you to communicate your message in online learning unless you have some extraordinary speaking and communication skills. You may get angry and frustrated when your exact stance does not get delivered to the opposite side. Even in the business world, corporate professionals suffer from different miscommunications at different times. Some people are better at learning through visual means while others are better at learning through hand-written materials.  

Procrastination and fatigue:

It has been found that students who join online classes have more difficulty in keeping up with the schedule and they are more exposed to fatigue. You may be losing interest along your way because there is not actual environment and everything is just virtual happening behind the screens. Students who take online classes are more subjected to certain risks such as dumping the studies, psychological effects, and other physical issues.

The perfect thing to do is to combine conventional and modern ways of teaching, take reviews from the teachers and students and examine the results of students under different conditions. We cannot ignore the impact of technology on our daily lives. It is said that writing using the hand increases the intelligence and builds up the mind. When there will be no conventional method of teaching and learning, the student will not get exposed to the books and writing by hand thus affecting the intelligence and mental abilities of the child.

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