Why Online Tuition at Cudy?


Who says quality tuition comes with a hefty price tag? Help your parents save by attending your preferred online tuition classes at Cudy.


Travelling for tuition is a real drag. Enjoy longer leisure time by having your lessons online at Cudy to eliminate the need to travel for tuition.


Tired of sitting through hours of tuition for that one topic you’re unclear of? Choose your specific learning needs at Cudy and jump right into it!

Stay ahead of the curve

Get academic help from our extensive community of tutors. Learn from your preferred tutors at a fraction of the cost.

Solo vs. Group

Do you study better independently or with a group of friends? Choose what suits you best at Cudy!

Tailor-made for you

Put learning back into your hands and organize all your tuition needs on our customizable dashboard.


are here to help you

1. Browse & Match

Select the subjects you need help with and your preferred tutor from our online marketplace.

2. Livestream your lesson

Attend lessons at our virtual classroom with added features to aid your learning.

3. Rate & Review

Leave feedback to help us maintain the quality of our tutor community.

About Us 

Did you know that 76% of Singaporean students experience test anxiety? We understand that time is of the essence when examinations are approaching yet students are struggling to find a suitable tutor to help them with their learning.
With over 10 years of experience in IT and teaching, the team created Cudy to help students connect with their preferred tutors at a fraction of the cost through an online marketplace, and to eliminate the hassle of shuttling to and fro tuition classes by conducting livestream lessons. Cudy also provides tutors with the opportunity to reach out and help more students. With online tuition, students and tutors are able to maximise their time productively.
Cudy is supported by Singapore Management University.

You Are NOT Alone

Students experience test anxiety
1 %
Students are pressured to be the top in class
1 %
Students worry about poor grades

Let us help you achieve your goals

What Our Users Say

Meet Tian Wei

Meet Tian Wei


As a student who struggles with the Chinese and Mathematics, he has had tuition for Chinese for as long as he could remember. What problems did he face? How did he overcome them? Find out how Cudy can help struggling students!

Meet Nigel

Meet Nigel


He is a passionate Primary school tutor. Understanding the stress and pressure on young children these days, he says that "students need to come up with a Masterclass System". He also discusses the benefits of using Cudy here.

Meet Anindita

Meet Anindita


Taking a break from her profession, Anindita explored online tuition. The convenience of Cudy allowed her to juggle between caring for her baby and teaching. She also pointed out that students are more willing to speak up online because they feel less intimidated.

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