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“Many [parents] see advantages in learning online. For one thing, they don’t have to drive their children to a classroom across town. For another, there are bragging rights associated with hiring an [online teacher].”

– Adapted from South Morning China Post

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Strive to get high grades without drilling your parent’s pocket?

We have passionate, experience and committed home tutors who are aspired to improve on their students’ academic results and holistic development.

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Decide what exactly you want and get full control on it.

Select your preferred timing and location for your child’s online tuition. Let your children learn with the right tutor in spite of busy timetable.


Get ready to access undiscovered resources for your child’s future that all are accessible on one platform.

You just have to choose what suits them.

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The future of learning.
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Say "No" to Compromise

Redefine your learning process with online tuition classes conducted by the experienced and professional tutors.

Now it’s time to say no to the agencies.

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Check Before Enrolling

Get the best online tutor for your children.

We allow parents and students to have a trial session before paying.

Isn’t that awesome?

Organised for you

Control and track your progress just with a single click from anywhere and everywhere.

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Effective tuition classes online.

The Value

The main motive of our tutors is to provide the best industry knowledge.

What we really want is to cater to the developing needs of educating our future generation. 

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The Savings

Online tuition classes are the quickest way to learn something without wasting your precious time. There is no traveling time or expenses incurred.

Plan tuition around your own schedule.

The Freedom

We enable you to personalize your class according to your way. Decide on your class size and choose specific learning needs according to your requirements.

Take control of your learning needs.


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“Through Cudy, every student can find, match and connect with quality teachers in real-time through an online virtual classroom experience… to become the household name for private online enrichment classes in Southeast Asia…”

Singapore Management University

Educational Institute

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“Cudy provides a platform with quality educational content & connects passionate tutors to students globally.”


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The Golden Rice Bowl Startup Of The Year is presented to startups that is above the rest of the competition, in terms of user or customer acquisition, or sales or profit projection and is likely to be bought by Facebook, Google or Alibaba for millions.

The Education Leadership Award is an international award presented to Cudy, for surpassing several levels of excellence and setting an example of being a role model and displaying exemplary leadership building their educational services through Leadership, Innovation, Academic and Industry Interface and a supreme objective of building future leaders in education.

The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) recognises Cudy as a Business For Good for its interest and commitment to help students from low-income households to increase their access to quality education at scale through their online classes and partnerships.

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